Various Benefits Of Filing A Consumer Proposal


Filing a consumer proposal is a reactive approach which can help you in serious debt and bad financial conditions. It is an effective way to solve your debt problems easily. It is a settlement or deal done with the creditors when your debt amount becomes unmanageable. Ontario consumer proposals are a lifesaver for people when they suffer in serious debts and when they have no other option to come out of financial crisis. You need to know about the basics involved in filing a consumer proposal. The site can help you with the ways to file your consumer proposal. It also lists the advantages of filing a consumer proposal.
The article below lists the various benefits of filing a consumer proposal. It also gives an idea of who can apply for a consumer proposal and who are not eligible for consumer proposal.


A consumer proposal is an affordable and easiest way to manage your serious debt problems. Debt consolidation loan and other similar plans are expensive as you need to pay your debts and the interest for it. Consumer proposals offer affordable options where you can deal with your debt easily as it demands only monthly payments.

Protects From Creditors

Consumer proposals offer protection to debtors from the creditors. Your debt consultant cannot guarantee cent percent protection from the creditors. Creditors may take your case to court. Once accepted by the creditors for consumer proposals they cannot change their mind and sue you.

Better Than Bankruptcy

When you cannot manage your debt, you may opt for bankruptcy which is expensive as you need to pay more based on your income. You need to provide a proof of your monthly income. You need to pay more for the surplus income you get. But people prefer consumer proposal as you need to pay only a fixed amount monthly. Even though your increases, you need not pay more when you apply for consumer proposal.

Do Not Lose Your Assets

In the case bankruptcy, you may lose your assets when you cannot repay your debts. But when you apply for consumer proposal during bad financial situations you do not lose your assets. You may also get back your tax refund.

Solves Various Problems

A consumer proposal can help people to come out their difficult financial condition. It is filed when people could not repay their debt and the interest as also been increased considerably. They try to save you from the unsecured debts. Consumer proposals can also save you from bankruptcy, and it reduces the monthly payment you pay for your debts. You can also very well start to save money for your future with the help of consumer proposals. Thus consumer proposals serve as a lifesaver for people in debts.


While filing consumer proposal offer various benefits to people in debts, there are situations when you cannot apply for consumer proposal. If you do not have a steady income for your proposal payments or if you miss the proposal payments then you cannot apply for consumer proposal. Consumer proposal appears on your credit report for more number of years compared to that of bankruptcy which appears for a shorter period. Thus the article below discusses the practical benefits of filing a consumer proposal.